The Virtual Fashion Archive is an online space bringing culturally significant fashion garments beyond the constraints of their physical form, and into the added dimensions of motion, interaction, and participation.

Our ambition is to create a place where a wide audience from around the world can discover and appreciate these garments not only in the way they were intended—being worn and in motion—but also examine and contextualize them in new spectacular ways.

We hope the archive encourages engagement with these extraordinary works of fashion and the pioneering designers behind them.

To learn more about our virtualization process, garment selection, and future goals read our article Fashion Beyond Physicality.

The Virtual Fashion Archive is created by Superficial.

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There are countless rare and extraordinary fashion garments housed in museums and private collections around the world. Many of which are seldom on display and when they are, are largely restricted to being displayed static and behind glass.

Through the Virtual Fashion Archive we hope bring a new dimension to the engagement and appreciation of these important fashion resources, and ultimately create greater access to archival fashion garments for a wide audience from around the world.

This is just the beginning! As we look towards a future where virtualization helps to take archival fashion beyond its physical form, our ongoing mission is to virtualize as many significant fashion garments as possible while further enhancing the fidelity, accuracy, and interactive possibilities of the virtualization process.

If you represent an institution, private collection, or fashion house and are interested in having a garment or collection of garments virtualized we would love to hear from you. We're also interested to discuss any special project ideas, and hear about relevant emerging technologies.

The content on this site is intended for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes such as teaching, research, evaluation and commentary. If you would like to use any of the sites content or virtualized garments for such purposes please contact us.

Where possible, acknowledgment to the original garment creators is provided. We welcome any corrections or additions from relevant parties, and we place no claim of copyright over any of the depicted garment designs.

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